Friday, May 8, 2009


hhhheeeeyyyy people! i'm baaaaaaaack! what? hey u dont like me BITE ME!!! wait dont coz it'll hurt plus ur mouth might stink no even worse it might reek, so no, let me rephrase thy self, u dont like the show change the channel..ehhhhhh dont laaaaa, read read. come, cooome, cooooooooooome, and u seriously wouldnt wanna see my face right now. why? i can't tell u why, i wanna keep my blog at the pg-13 rating so yeah, i gotta watch what i say.

Watch what i say? how can someone watch what they're saying? ever thought of that? people always say hey watch what u're saying. wait a second! i think i am confusing myself with hey watch where u're going! ahhh whatever. hah? oh thanks. hah? u like my shoes too? really? why thank u sir, thats a very nice thing to say. am i free after this? i'm sorry, nope. u want my number? urh, SECURITY!!!!

okay, now to tell u about my week. umm, lets just say it has been pretty eventful, no very eventful. i went from one opposite to the other. nooo, i didnt go to the north pole from the south pole. sir please keep quiet, didnt i ask security to take away just now, ohhh that guy was ur twin. okay okay. what i meant was that i went from not taking the shoort sem to taking it. pheeewww! imagine yeah, on monday morning i submitted the add drop form to the lecturers box, i wnet back to check on the damn form 4 times, 4 kali, 4 multiplies!!!! nothing. okay la so i went back to my room. next morning i went again, still nothing, FINE!!! then in the afternoon i went, u know what, she took everybody's form except for mine...wth!!!!!!! this is discrimination!!! is it coz i am spanish? is it coz i am awesome? is it becoz she has some kind of vendetta towards my loved ones? why why why? or maybe its becoz shes human. i dunno u tell me. what? no u go to hell! security!!!! sorry people, that guy was disturbing me again. sheesh! kentut ayam!

so yeah, later that afternoon i met the lecturer and asked for her signature, guess what she said. guess la. eee, u're no fun u know that! she said that it'll be hard for me to the signature becoz they wanted to prioritise the repeaters. huh? why? they had their shot! and blah blah blah, at the end of the day i didnt get the class, thanks to mr. fulan who failed last sem! DAMN U FULAN!!! blah blah blah, dong dang dong dang, i added IT. sheesh! oh well, what to do. i wud like to tell u about ungs but i got lazy so i am sorry.

the whole week was so so hectic, i was mentally, physically, psychologically, emotionally, accidentally, bohemion rapsodeylly exhausted! i was very very tired. but only one thing kept me going. well one person. she did. who? the girl who possesses inspiration. she stuck by me eventhough i was complaining about and pissed at everything. everysingle day she would walk with me, followed me wherever i went, why? just to keep me company. i was and still am deeply touched by her. i mean all she wud hear was me complaining yet there she was, beside me saying, maybe u shud add this maybe u shud add that. haha. wow. am i lucky or what? what? did u just say what? sir can u come here for a minute. *kicks the loser out of the room*. so yeah, i cant that her enuff. i've said thanks face to face, thru the phone, and now on my blog post but still i feel like i havent thanked her enuff. thank u the girl who possesses inspiration, u bring out the best in me and i thank u for that too.
Thank u.


  1. awww!!!wats wrong wit u??makan byk sgt sugary food eh??now even ur fingers are manis!haha

  2. hahahha thats sweet ok cuzzie :)anyway i tag u in my blog!